TalentLMS platform review

Overview of Talent LMS:

Have you ever heard about a fully customize-able program along with comprehensible and simple analytics about everything that will happen inside the eLearning environment? Yes, it’s none-other than TalentLMS, an extremely easy cloud-based LMS for training the customers, partners, and employees globally. It is one of the highly recommended and best learning management systems specially designed for teams inside any size or type of the business.

And currently, some famous corporations such as Hudl, OYO, Triton Aerospace, Delonghi, and many others trust Talent learning management systems for implementing a fruitful training strategy & no doubt, for multiple good reasons.

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It allows users to deliver interactive & engaging eLearning contents channel partners and personnel. TalentLMS is an award-winning & much-appreciated software that offers valuable capabilities in spite of just managing, delivering, and creating courses.

By being a cloud-based software, it takes special care of the technical factors of the course selling & creation process by simply offering a user-friendly and efficient interface that lets users focus on the important aspects of eLearning content.

Likewise, it offers perfect training solutions for all types of industries including food and beverages, telecommunications, call centers, IT, Aviation, Healthcare, Franchises, NGOs, real estate, and many others. TalentLMS will surely help these industries to grow their businesses by offering them useful presentations through audio and videos along with e-Leaning courses. 

The goal of TalentLMS is to provide the hassle-free and most intuitive learning experience by becoming a lean tool. The software has become successful in creating an online learning platform that is directly accessible however, it also has flexibility and power to spare.

TalentLMS platform review

Why Small Businesses Should Opt for a Learning Management System for Ongoing Success

So, you are reading this review= you are not a typical owner of small business. You are keenly looking forward to different ways of making the business better. For example, if few employees get fired, quit, or move on, there will surely be a disruption in the business operations whereas, someone else decided to pick up their responsibilities and learns the best ways of doing those tasks.

  • Therefore, the biggest advantage of the LMS for small businesses is information or knowledge retention.

Now readers answer this, have you ever looked back at processes you created 2 or 3 years ago? Surely not.

  • Building a learning management system for the organization is considered as the best way of optimizing it. In other words, it is a great opportunity for employees to rethink their organization’s procedures while removing few a deprecated procedures or improving upon others.  

It is worth sharing that a small business or organization does not remain the same. Just consider that Hewlett-Packard and Apple were small companies once too.  The LMS also grows in importance as the company grows.  Here, growing simply means new appoint- people who want a quick and brief introduction regarding new positions & the organization’s corporate culture. 

When it comes to the jobs that are available in the public sector than employees who are competing for the job often have to comply with different standards & even certify. For all of them, building a learning management system while writing down & updating processes is a recommended way of starting this procedure. 

Nowadays, a precise and best learning management system is more:

  • Flexible
  • Cloud-based
  • Low-priced or even completely free

Modern learning management systems have truly removed several hurdles to implementation. So even if readers did not plan to use such a system, I suggest to try & take one such as TalentLMS, a highly recommended LMS platform, for the test drive. It is an advanced learning management system and supports important options to train partners, employees, customers, & students.

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TalentLMS platform review

What Exactly TalentLMS is?

 So, let’s start with LMS, it stands for the learning management system.

At the heart of the program is learning, because customers use the program for delivering training programs and education courses.

Then comes Management, because users are free to organize the selected courses, i.e. create, change & assign courses to students.

Finally System, well, it is only a fancy word used to translates “software”

Here is a simple example to help readers grasp the idea behind TalentLMS easily, just like Microsoft word help them to create or write documents & Gmail allows them to manage their emails, TalentLMS is a software that helps them create, manage, & deliver different eLearning courses.  

It just works like an engine that continuously power eLearning & usually it has two distinct parts.

  • The server component
  • A user interface

In short, TalentLMS is considered one of the best and famous learning management systems. Users will definitely like the responsive and cool design of the cloud-based strategic solution. The best thing is that a free version is available to facilitate the users to make an informed decision before getting their hands on the perfect solution for all types of business requirements.

What users can learn from this amazing learning system is that it always pays to select an adaptable and flexible solution for meeting the needs and requirements of the users, from customers to employees. According to recent research, 80% of the organizations are trying to adopt a cloud-based learning management system, it is a sensible decision to work with a program that understands the importance of eLearning.

Introduction to Talent LMS:

Introduction to Talent LMS

This is the main portal from where you operate everything, If you upload courses, there are visible here once subscribed, subscription could be manually done or you can let the learner subscribe to the courses they want to subscribe.

One of the nicest things about the platform is the easy of use, I would say this make this platform unique because everything is easily accessible and you don’t have to rush into technical stuff.

best LMS platform

This is the portion where you can go to discussions or see what are the upcoming events, I have used the discussion portal, its good to engage people into different topics.

options in talent LMS

You have three signin options:


This roles is to add users, generate report and manage the whole setup, if you have to create branches or groups, all are done here.


This is the portion where you can create courses, and see progress of the courses.


This is given to the users to complete the courses.

History of TalentLMS

Here, readers might think that what’s the basic reason and story behind designing this tool? A worldwide provider of open source and Enterprise LMS, including several award-winning and effective eFront LMS Epignosis Limited, has also designed TalentLMS to cater to the needs of small organizations.  Having 15 years of dedication and experience in the field of e-learning, TalentLMS will always assist people in delivering worthwhile training.

It is worth mentioning that Epignosis is serving a wide range of client base globally with customers in approximately 30 industries ranging from small/less noteworthy startups to famous multinational organizations. The main offices of TalentLMS are located in Athens, London, and San Francisco.

The firm is very active when it comes to eLearning niche & striving its best to help customers provide top-notch training by optimizing the LMS continually. According to the Epignosis mission statement, one cannot reach his/her full potential of the company without appropriate training. The sole purpose is to democratize learning with the help of the best eLearning technology affordable and accessible to every single organization or company worldwide.

Overview of TalentLMS Advantages

So, how does this incredible platform takes a small business or organization to success? The answer is quite simple, by enabling employees to deliver training and information materials to their workforces for optimizing the skill sets. Some of the worth mentioning advantages of the TalentLMS platform are as follows:

  • Users can create eLearning courses in a few minutes. They are also allowed to see/use old presentations and videos or even employ a range of online learning material with the help of social integrations.
  • TalentLMS can easily be configured for meeting the business needs of employees. They can create a map or themes or add different custom logos.
  • There is no need to upgrade, install or even backup anything because TalentLMS is a cloud-based program
  • It lets users sell & distribute multiple online courses
  • TalentLMS is compatible with Android, iPad, and iPhone. Moreover, it also comes in completely native mobile applications for Android and iOS.
  • It supports SCORM 1.2, TinCan 
  • Some other noticeable features are user management, video-conferencing, e-commerce tools, analytics, and alerts.
  • An extremely easy user interface of maximizing learning outcomes
  • It is capable of transforming any type of content such as videos, documents, and presentations to courses
  • Social integration for reusing and transforming content from Prezi, Scribd, Slideshare, YouTube, and Wikipedia. 

Due to being a cloud-based program, it allows users to maximize their time and training efforts by using innovative tools of LMS. No doubt, the platform seems promising with cloud-based storage, customization options, and support for SCORM & TinCan, and mobile-friendly features.

Silent Features of TalentLMS

It is a carefully designed platform to deliver engaging and valuable online training. It offers a noteworthy collection of the features including:

An Exclusive and Simple Solution

It tries to keep things simple for users. There is no special setup process, updates are also not required. The details are managed via the cloud thus, there is no need to worry about the technical aspects. Users can concentrate on different resources to develop engaging course materials for generating revenue or even spreading knowledge within a company. The users will get the similar features they might expect from other LMS platforms however, with TalentLMS jumping into technical hurdles are not required.

Best Option for Employees Onboarding

Even in today’s world of technological advancements, the process of employee onboarding is a makeshift mess for the majority of organizations & still, employee onboarding is considered an important factor in order to increase productivity while minimizing the churn rate of employees. Additionally, with demanding rules of compliance & certification laws of the employee, a fully accommodating orientation course is extremely difficult to design & execute. Unless the onboarding process of employees is implemented via a modern Learning management system such as TalentLMS because it will help users write original and unique orientation material while incorporating existing content. In short, users are allowed to improve, adapt, and even re-used the existing courses repeatedly.

Easy to Handle  

With TalentLMS, employees will have complete & detailed oversight over their training program ranging from employee registration to course programming & from performance statistics of leaner to reports of course attendance. Moreover, with its Branches feature, users can run separate however, centrally managed training courses per department, team, or facility.

Minimize Training or Course Related Disruptions

Without any doubt, online training or learning has emerged as the most effective and faster method of various business training if compared with traditional methods of training i.e. Classroom-based. The reason is that online training offers flexibility because it can easily be performed at any given time that is convenient for every individual learner. TalentLMS offers users all the needed tools to implement on-demand training/learning experiences easily. 


This customizable engine offers different features such as reports, leaderboards, avatars, levels, badges, and points. Users can dictate the number of points any action could have while configuring the system for keeping particular levels restricted to let users achieve the set goals.

 TalentLMS: A Competitive Option

It is worth mentioning that TalentLMS has several incredible features for small organizations or businesses that are looking for modern and upbeat educational solutions. The TalentLMS’s interface is perfect for those who know a little about online learning however, still provides enough details and customizations to attract seasoned professionals. Moreover, TalentLMS always pay more attention to small or medium-sized organizations with different strategies that are budget-friendly as compared to other LMSs.


By selecting TalentLMS, users get a valuable eLearning tool at an extremely reasonable price. The reporting features and dashboard of the TalentLMS made a perfect appeal to users. By being easy to use and understand, it is considered as a one-time solution even for all those who have not used LMSs before. It is a highly recommended platform for small businesses or organizations as it not just provides users free LMS software if they have less than 5 employees, but they can host approximately ten courses that they have created.

Everything that users need to track and host training is already put together into this cool learning management system.  Apart from the standard features of LMS, TalentLMS includes personal messages forum, training calendar, video conferencing, & discussion forum especially for informal training or learning. Customization with the company logo & SSO for user verification is available as well. The exclusive features that might inspire used to upgrade to a very costly plan are customized reports, SSO, and automation features.

Last but not least, one of the best thing that truly makes TalentLMS a topmost recommendation is that it already includes the number of pre-built training & learning courses that users can purchase. It’s the right time for small organizations to take eLearning to the next level with the help of TalentLMS. 

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Full video transcript:

Hello and welcome to my review of TalentLMS
today, I will be showcasing you every good thing and
things to be improved.
So you can decide whether this is a good platform to
you or not.
And of course it has a lot of functions.
So let’s discuss those for those who are deciding
whether to buy it or not.
And for those who want to learn a few new things
about the platform, they’ve already been using it.
So hopefully we’ll be able to learn a few new things.
I have created this test account, I have a company
accounts, I cant show the details but I’ll be showing
you all here because I’ve been using it for a good amount of time.
So I have an idea that uh how does it work? So let’s get started.
So basically you have three types of previews, you
have the admin preview, you have the instructor
preview and you have the learner preview in admin
preview, you can do stuff which an admin person can do.
Like add users add branches, I’ll be taking you through
almost everything. Excuse me. So let’s get started.
So users here, you can add users uh to the platform.
This is, you know, the new accounts.
Of course it’s uh telling that you can click on these.
Okay, so users, you can add new users here and you
can also bulk. Upload the users in a file.
So if you’d like to bulk upload the users, you can
always uh a file here. Okay?
Or there is an option uh import here, so you can
import the users here.
Okay then you have courses, you can see what are
the courses available and you can add new courses
will be adding a new course later.
Then you can also add categories. So basically
categories are uh to organize your courses.
So for example you have HR courses, you have
marketing courses, you can always organize them if
you want. Groups.
Groups are basically a group of people that you want.
Some certain quick action to.
For example, If you have a group of people who are
senior executives and there are 16 of them for
example, and you just want to enroll them in uh course quickly.
So you can add them into the group.
So they’re always there in a group and whenever you
need to add them or to delete them or to generate a
report for them.
You can easily do that. So basically grouping can be
done in any way you can imagine like department
wise, like seniority wise, like language wise and what
not right, employees and customers can be groups as well.
Then we have branches. What what is branches
basically branch is a completely different uh face of this platform.
So for example, you have employees and customers.
So this is a very vivid classification.
This this is two different things.
Now, employees are different and customers are
different and you may not want customers to have
any access to the courses.
What do you do is you create two branches,
customers and employees.
So customers will not be able to see anything in the
platform which is happening in the employees and vice versa.
So you can do that as well.
This is uh branches then Events engine, Events
engine is something where you can add automation.
So basically, you know, you can assign people, you
can certify them, you can do a degrading, you can do
a lot of things.
For example enroll people automatically. So for
example, you have done a course where you want
them to be enrolled automatically once they are
signed up for this platform.
So this can be done in automation user types here.
You can give access to different users to different
commission’s like whether they can only see accords
whether they can edit the courses where and
whether they can do what you can do with an admin.
So you can do that and then we have import and then
we have reports. Reports are very nice.
You have different types of reports, you have reports
for uh for users courses and definitely don’t forget that.
I’ll be talking about things to be improved or the
things which I did not like.
So if you would like you can stick to the video until the
end, you will be able to see what are the things I did
not like in my long period of time.
I’ve used it and I am, I really wish they can do that or
they can add things up so that it’s it’s better.
Right? So I’ll be talking about that and then account
settings have your homepage.
You can design your homepage, you can design your
themes, you can design your certifications, you can
add your custom domain and you can upgrade or
downgrade depending on what you want.
So this is a brief overview of Edmund. This is what
happened can do.
Now let’s go into uh instructor and so you what
instructor can do? Instructor can add courses.
Concertante can add groups, they can do conference
if they want. They can add discussion topics.
So for example, you can add a discussion about a
certain topics of course.
What let’s dog

about this course here.
So this is your discussion. So for example, you want
to discuss a certain course, You can do that by
clicking here and then the people will be able to
comment and the comments will be shown here.
Okay, this is discussion and then you have calendar
where you can add events and upcoming uh,
instructor led training and stuff like that.
Now let’s add a course. So let’s say you want to add a goal.
So what you do is you would uh my just of course and
then you would add to the category.
If you don’t have a category, you can add ones or this category samples.
And the description of this category is test
description just for the purpose of the video.
Then you have two options Active and hide course
from course catalog active.
If you check this, the course will be active.
If you uncheck this, the course will not be active hide
from course catalog. Is that the courses active?
But it will not be available for public to subscribe.
So what’s the function of this is that you will be able
to subscribe people directly but the people will not be
able to subscribe themselves.
These could be some courses like exams or like
certain courses where you don’t want them to be
publicly available but you want to uh subscribe some
people to buy by yourself.
Right manually. So you can do that. Okay then course court.
This can be used for for organizing the courts names
and then price if you want to have some price
because you can with this platform you can even sell
courses to customers as well.
Then intro video, this is like a trailer video of the
platforms or the course.
You can easily add trailer video of the course and
that could be used for understanding what discourse
will be about.
You can add this through youtube or you can upload
your own video Capacity.
What could be the capacity whether you want it to be
limited or you wanted unlimited if it’s unlimited leave
it if you want for example only 10 people should be
able to do this course.
You can add capacity. Time options what time
duration eventually start and when should finish and
what’s the number of days it can stay?
Right. So this is uh for those courses which are time
limited certification. Would you like to add certification?
There are a few certifications where you can review
them but you can always add your own certification.
Of course you have to add your own if you have a
company because it gives more sense or it makes
more sense to add uh your own certification.
So while it loads, so it’s basically downloading or just
cancel it and we’ll move forward.
And the level what is level level is basically when a
new joiner uh does of course uh he or she is promoted
to a different level based on points.
So for example you want uh certain courts to not be
available at a beginner level.
But you know, the person can do it after they’ve done
a few courses so you can always increase the level of
discourse and then the people will be able to do it.
So now if you click this button it will take you to users
where you cannot use this.
But I will press this option here and it will show me
some more options like save and add content where I
can directly at content save and add another course.
If you’d like to add multiple courses and go to court index.
So I’ll choose save and add content which will take
me to the content because this is the most important
place you want.
You would like to see. Right?
Because you are developing of course you want to
see, what are the options available.
So once you come here here you can upload the
picture of this course if you want and definitely your
shirt and these are the options available for the course content.
So you have a very plain content text available.
You have the contents for example, you want to show
them a landing page which is already available on your website.
So you just want to copy it there.
So you can do that video if you click on this, it will
upload or you will be able to upload the video or you
will be able to put a link of uh any certain platform
video platforms like youtube video and others.
Audio is the same option like video presentation or
document. You can upload. BBT or pdf here.
Storm Now squirm is a certain type of course which
basically normally is interactive.
So if you have done scorn on for example, adopt uh
you can bring it here.
I frame by frame is something where you can frame
something uh and show it as as an internal page.
It is also good for those types of courses which are
those types of surveys or those type of games or
interactive things which are somewhere over the
internet, like a flash of something and you want to
just frame them here.
You don’t want to pull everything or bring it here.
Then we have tests, we have survey we survey at the
end of the course.
And we have assignment where you can give
assignment to the people and let them do the
assignment, get back to you.
I’ll explain everything in detail and then instructor led training.
So let’s go on to a few things which uh I like.
So one of the things I like is that the ability to add
video and have certain certain options of the video.
So for example we go to Youtube and we can bring in
any any video.
So let’s let’s go onto Youtube and just bring in any
video for the uh for the purpose.
I love uh so Marcus Brown E. K. Bhd.
So let’s bring his video just for the sake of Uh this demos.
Or you do you uh YouTube video and search and it
will service and upload this video.
And then you’ll be able to add the section. So you say
iPhone 13 introduction. Right?
So after you do that, you have three options to
complete the video.
Either with the checkbox that yes, I’ve done it or with a question.
So for example you say that there was a very nice
information the video and you want to make sure
that they have seen the video and the northern knowledge.
So you can add a question and then they’ll be able to
only complete this section once they answer this
question or after a certain amount of time.
So for example, this video is let’s say, how long is
this? Video is 18 minutes, 22 seconds.
So you say, okay, I don’t want them to leave this at
least for so it’s in seconds.
So let’s say if 10 minutes is uh 600 seconds, so you
say 600 seconds at least.
So they should be able to watch, they should be
watching at least 600 seconds of this video.
This is how you can add the video.
Now there is another option where you can use a
video if you use a video you have multiple options there.
Uh And those options are uh many options, like for
example, you can also place that if for example, I’m
watching a video here and I I go to another tab, it will
pause the video.
So for those people who you know, play the video,
mute the video and then go to other places and do
their work and just want to make sure that the video
is done and just want to show you basically that the
videos watched already.
So it won’t happen because even uh if they just move
to the other tab, it will not play.
So it will only play when the tab is active. This is one
second is you cannot skip the video.
So in Youtube you can’t do that.
But if you upload your own custom video, you can
have this option where the user will not be able to
skip ahead or users will not be able to, you know, go
to the end of the video directly, the user has to watch.
And then of course the time limit as well. So this is regarding video.
What I would like here to be added is uh, this is a
point of improvement for talent.
Delemus that if they can add certain watermarks,
that will be great.
So basically what happens is the videos are still safe
but to make them more secure if for uploaded videos,
especially for uploaded videos, if the platform can
add watermark somehow, which moves because I’ve
seen some platforms where the watermark comes
and it moves and you have the option of water
marking the name of the same person who is
basically as a user.
So what happens is if the person leaks the video.
For example, if you don’t want that person to lead the
video, they will see their water Mac mark, like Tiktok
where the watermark keeps moving.
So their name and their number or their email keeps
moving and it becomes very, very difficult for them
to uh, to leak the video because they might be scared
that you’re not uh, their name will believed as well.
So this is a video, let’s go back and the scar changes.
Let me show you some other things, which I think
could be improved.
So one thing which I would like them to to add is for
example if I have added a content and then I want to
add another content but it’s not ready.
So for example Part one, this is sorry part one.
This is my content and I say about one here and then
go back to the unit list.
Now I have made this part and I would like to stop
them from completion because I am going to add part two.
I can’t do that and the only work around I found was
to add a test and password protected so when I add a
test and it’s password protected I’ll not going to test
but the idea is that you have to add the text here
exam here and then you have to password protected
so they will not be able to go to the next stage.
I have seen some platforms where it’s very easy that
you don’t want. For example, this is part one.
Now I’ve left everything alone and I will add part two later.
If I do this in this talent LMS platform what will
happen is after they are done with part one they will
see that the course is finished because there’s
nothing below and I don’t want that I want this option
where You can you know add part one and then the
courts will not be finished even if the finished part
one and they will know that the course is not done.
It means there is something else coming.
So this is all for example I am so for example I right
here um new part coming soon.
Yeah so this way they get this message.
So for example if save and view

and complete so now you have new part coming soon.
So I want to be able to show this message but not as a
unit where they can complete that unit as well.
So what they’ll do is they’ll just come do part one and
then uh click on this complete and then they are
done with the courses.
I want this to be like a message where they know that
part new bodies coming but they are not able to go further.
This is something I wish they would add because this
is especially annoying for me.
I don’t know whether this will be a use case for you or
no but the idea is that this is uh something very
important for me but I’m not able to do that.
Okay next is I want to be able to also have a segment.
So for example this is a course.
Now these are the parts, I can add sections now this
is a section which is nice.
So for example this is next section which is great.
But I somehow want that if there are like folders here
where they click on a certain folders.
So for example the micros name is movies and then I
have horror movies and then I have uh funny or
comedy movies and they will be able to click on horror movies.
Now my use cases because I’m training the
employees, my use cases where I have product
knowledge and I have uh some uh soft skills in one
goals because it’s different.
So I want to be able to categorize that that option is
not available as well.
It’s just plain simple uh course content like this.
So these are the things which I don’t like now, what
things I like is uh you know, rules and parts, which is
nice that you can you can show unit in any other for
example they can do in any other or they have to do
it one by one.
And also the learning parts of for example, before
they do the scores, they have to complete employee training.
So if I say that they will not be able to do this course
until they do employ training.
Which is a nice thing. I cannot users here and I can
also sync the user.
So for example the workaround for here for this
course. Now my progress is 0%.
So for example I go back and I say that I’m I just want
to do it so I’ll just click on it and I complete and
continue then I complete and the course is done now
I’ve done the course right, so I’m finished the course
now, if I go there I can I see that it’s 100% done but if I
add something so what I’ll do is I’ll I add something
and then I come and I think this, so for example now
I’m 100% but as soon as I add a third segment Which
is let’s say part three and about three save hand
back to unit list now there is another part right?
So they should be uh they should see that the course
is not complete so what I can do is I can go as
instructor Back here, the progress is still showing 100%.
So what I’ll do is I’ll synchronize if there are more
people, you can synchronize from here.
If there are one by one you can do it from here
yourself to you.
So for example you can synchronize And prevent
synchronizing for users who have completed the course.
No, I don’t want that, I want everyone to be sink and removes certification.
Yes, I want to remove the certification because they
still have not completed the course when they think it
hit 67% because there was one more unit added.
So this is something nice. No, this is this is a reset but
this is not, it will completely reset that.
Okay, now this is regarding that. Okay, now one more
thing is the instructor led training.
What is instructor led training? So it’s like this is of
course you want them to be able to do these three
parts and then they should not be able to finish until
they attend the live class.
So you can do that, you can add an instructor led
course here, then you can add a session that What
example the session should be somewhere after 12 days.
And then you add this is uh live training And then it
will be on 12th and then the time will be this capacity
will be no limit.
My instructor name is modest, real tough.
And then classroom is webinar classroom or webinar
like it should be physical or a webinar.
So if it’s a webinar you can create a new webinar as well.
And you can link a few of the big companies like big
blue button and zoom and uh teams to it.
And then you can add a link. So they will be able to
click on the link.
If you want that to be a classroom, you’ll see the my classroom, right?
And then description, you can add whatever
description you want.
I’ll just for the sake of time, I’ll just copy paste. So now
this is the court’s added.
So now the person will be able to see that there is an
instructor, you can change the name as well.
So it’s a live class. Right?
So they will not be able to finish the course until they
attend this live class.
So they click on it and they will be able to see that,
what are the sessions available.
So they see that there is a life training available on
12th October and the capacity is whatever and the
location is my education and I want to register.
So once you click on registered users of course you
don’t have users here.
But you get the idea that as a learner if I go there, I’d
be able to register myself and that can be added to
the calendar as well.
If you want. Then you have reporting. Reporting is
nice as well. It’s uh it’s a good reporting.
I don’t have any problems with the reporting. I like
how you can explore that in excel.
I like how you can generate reports by users. You can
generate reports by timeline as well.
That what what has happened and previously. Right,
okay. So what else about that?
You can also set learning parts which is already discussed.
That you can you can assign different levels to different courses.
So they can only be done now as a learner. How do I
enroll in the courses?
I enroll in the course is by going to course catalog.
You remember what I told you that you can hide the
courses from course catalog.
So what do I do is I go to coast catalog and I’ll be able
to see all the courses available and as you can see
that I’m enrolled to all of these courses because this
is by default but if you create a new user you will be
able to see that uh you have the option to enroll in the
course, you will be able to see all of these courses
here and these are the categories.
Okay, now as a Edmund there’s one more thing which
is nice which is um send message.
You will be able to send message to all of your users
or certain users.
So for example if you have a group of different people
like um you have employees and customers, so you
will be able to see those groups here.
You can also do all all of them all users.
So if you write all you can see all users here and then
you will be able to send a message to all users and
they’ll be able to receive those users, uh those
messages in the inbox, so this is our go to inbox and
they’ll be able to see here.
They will also be receiving an email from talent
dilemmas that they received uh message.
And those emails can be customized as well. You can
also customize that.
Uh If you are subscribed to a new course, you should
be emailed, You can also customize that if you add
any discussion, you should be emailed and of course
the normal messages through the emails.
Everything this is done to this talent dilemmas platform.
Now the good things, the good things I like is the
Talent dilemmas comes with an application, a
custom application, so you download that
application and you will be able to do the courses
offline in the application and whenever you go online
it sinks to the platform.
This is this is a nice thing then uh this application is
available both for android and IOS devices.
So that’s another nice thing. The next thing which I
like is Gamification.
What is Gamification is that when people are
competing, people get points and when people get
points they compete.
And this creates a very positive competing culture.
So let me show you the infographic of how the
Gamification looked like.
So for example, here you will be able to see that,
what’s your participation, what’s your progress?
And then you’ll be able to see the leaderboard as well.
So this is the leader board, you’ll be able to see the
top person the second and the third and you’ll be
able to give them prices if you want and things like that.
And you will also be able to see how much did you
save and how much did you save?
The commute hours and how many people passed?
How many people attempted and which courses
were the most uh done courses.
So for example, you want to compare that, what are
the top five courses will be able to compare them here.
So this is a good report and of course then you can do
your own custom reporting uh here as well.
Okay, so create new and then you can add your
custom infographic here.
So this is the training metrics which shows you what
are the courses.
So these are the courses done and these will be the users.
All of these will be the users and then you will be able
to see A Green one When courses done.
Okay. Now this is another thing which I like then what
I don’t like is the inability to add um something without courses.
So this is a very special use case for me but I don’t
know whether you’ll need that or no, I wanted
because my company is so big.
I wanted a place where they can find resources.
So what happens is you see these courses, these
courses are available.
What I want is for example, if you go to instructor or
learner Lerner, this will be a nice option.
So you see this, all of these courses are available.
I want one option where you have this option, this
folder where all the resources like PDFs like courses
are available there which will stay on the top.
And this is not a course I want, I don’t want that to be a course.
I don’t want that to have a progress bar.
I don’t want that to have anything because that is
just a resource because when you are having a
learning platform, resources are important.
So there are resources available through downloads.
So you you should be able to see what other downloads available.
But my files here, you can see the files which are
available to download when an instructor make
something available to download.
It comes here. But I want that as a section but this is
not available. Other than that.
I told you that you know the section thing which were repeated.
So it will be just repeated again and again. I hope I
have covered most of the things.
Hopefully you like this tutorial if you do please leave a
command and I like, I don’t know where you are
watching this video because it will be on different
places like on my website on the Youtube channel.
So thank you so much. And if you’d like to buy it, you
can also buy through the link given below.
And uh, that will be a different length and you don’t
have to pay anything extra for that.
Okay, so see you around

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