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Life has become so busy, that we cannot do even our very basic things. Our to-do list is getting bigger and bigger. the reason is, we just keep delaying things for a later date which never comes.

Now is the crucial time because of this pandemic, that we are getting all the time in the world to sit at home and do nothing. there’ll be two types of people.

  1.  those people who will do nothing and keep crying about this lock down and waste their time.
  2.  those people who will utilise time to improve their skills, or learn a new language,  or at least maintain their body.

There will always be two types of people. so who are you? Are you going to waste all this time laying down on the bed doing nothing? or are you planning to do a new course for improving your skill. If you are one of those who is planning to improve their skills you’ve come to the right place.

 I am giving you the list of those websites which are showing some great links to some free courses,  some of these courses are completely free and some courses were made free because of this covid-19 lockdown.

 it’s your chance to go to the website and enjoy learning 

This website is giving you 100 courses for free from udemy.

Free courses online

 this website is even going one step further and providing the links of 500 courses which are free on udemy 

Free courses in lockdown

This website is showing some courses from some universities most of these courses will not have any certificate but you will learn something new 

Free courses from universities

If you don’t know even Google has a digital learning library where you can go and register and learn some new courses and skills for free as a website showing those courses 

Free courses from google

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