Master list of Media Keywords to Level Up Your Stock Asset Search Skills

Finding the right media assets for your videos, presentations, graphics, and other projects can be a huge time suck. You know how it goes – you search a huge stock media site for “video” and get overwhelmed with thousands of clips. Then you waste ages scrolling and scrolling to find that perfect shot.

There’s got to be a better way, right? That’s why I’ve created this ultimate list of media keywords to revolutionize how you search. Consider it your new secret weapon for efficient and successful media finding!

Master list of Media Keywords to Level Up Your Stock Asset Search Skills

This list covers all the essential media categories – video, audio, images, graphics, animation, and more. Under each category I’ve included very specific descriptive keywords like:

  • Cinematic footage
  • Vocal recording
  • Vector graphics
  • Ambient sounds
  • Infographics

So why are these kinds of keywords so useful? Well, they help you search like a pro by using industry terms that zero in on exactly what you need.

Let’s say you’re looking for an upbeat backing track for your motivational video. Instead of combing through a gazillion random audio files, you can search for “royalty free music” or “uplifting instrumental.” Boom – just like that you see relevant results.

The keyword list is especially handy for stock media sites like:

  • Shutterstock
  • Storyblocks
  • Adobe Stock
  • AudioJungle
  • Videvo

But it works for regular Google image or video search too.

These sites have enormous libraries, which is great but also overwhelming. The keywords help you go right to the corner that has what you want. Think about how much time and frustration this saves!

I’ve written explanations for each keyword so you understand when to use “cinematic footage” vs “slow motion video” for example. This ensures you not only find assets quicker but also get ones tailored to your project.

The list covers all the essentials like:

  • Shot types – cinematic, drone, close-up
  • Graphics – icons, infographics, textures
  • Animation – motion graphics, stop motion
  • Audio – ambient, sound effects, vocals
  • Editing terms – B-roll, montage, vignette

And tons more! I’m a filmmaker and content creator myself, so I included all the keywords I constantly use.

Bookmark this ultimate list and keep it handy whenever you need to stock up on media files. It will level up your search skills and slice your finding time by up to half. That means more time for the fun creative stuff and less tedious searching!

Let me know if you have any other go-to media keywords I should add. I want this to be a comprehensive resource we can all use to find awesome assets faster. Happy smart searching!

Video Keywords

Cinematic footage – Epic shots, film-like videos, dramatic angles

Slow motion – Slo-mo, high frame rate, smooth slow-down

Aerial footage – Drone shots, bird’s eye view, high angle

Close-up shots – Tight framing, macro, zoomed in

Wide shots – Panoramic, broad view, sweeping landscape

POV shots – First person view, point-of-view

Tracking shots – Dolly shot, camera follows subject

Time lapse – Accelerated time, hyperlapse, fast motion

Green screen – Chroma key, transparent background, isolation

B-roll – Cutaway shots, alternate angles, supplemental footage

Stock footage – Pre-made clips, generic video, library footage

Audio Keywords

Background music – Royalty free music, no copyright music

Upbeat – Energetic, lively, fast tempo

Ambient – Atmospheric, environmental, room tone

Sound effects – Foley sounds, impacts, technology sounds

Voiceover – Narration, vocal recording, voice acting

Loopable – Seamless repeat, perpetual audio

Nature sounds – Ocean, rain, birds, weather

Solo instrument – Piano, guitar, orchestral instruments

Image Keywords

Vector graphics – Logos, illustrations, icons, scalable images

Infographics – Data visualizations, charts, diagrams

Textures – Wood, metal, fabric, natural textures

Mockups – Visual representations, product demos

Concept art – Illustrations, paintings, drawings

Composite – Blended images, collages, double exposures

Animation Keywords

2D animation – Motion graphics, infographics, kinetic text

3D animation – Pixar-style, CGI, After Effects

Stop motion – Claymation, frame-by-frame, posable armature

Character animation – Cartoons, animated figures, illustrated people

Physics simulation – Motion, collisions, falling, trajectile

Graphic Design Keywords

Fonts – Typography, typefaces, downloadable fonts

Icons – Symbols, buttons, simple graphics

Patterns – Repeating designs, backgrounds, filler

Shapes – Circles, squares, triangles, polygons

Grids – Columns, rows, matrix, coordinates

Lines – Curves, zig zags, diagonals, silhouettes

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