what are different types of couples

what are different types of couples

1. Monogamy

 Monogamy is a relationship where two people are sexually exclusive to each other. In monogamous relationships, both partners have sexual relations only with their partner. There is no physical intimacy between the partners outside of the relationship.

 2. Polyamory

 Polyamory is a type of non-monogamous relationship where individuals are open to having romantic and/or sexual relationships with others. Polyamorous relationships may involve two or more committed partnerships at once.

 3. Open Relationships

 An open relationship is a relationship where both parties agree to share intimate details about themselves and their partner(s). Both parties are free to engage in sexual activity with whomever they choose.

 4. Swinging

 Swinging is a term used to describe casual sex among consenting adults who do not intend to establish any sort of long-term commitment. Swingers often meet online and arrange to hookup in person.

 5. Non-Committal Relationship

 A non-committal relationship is a relationship where neither party expects anything serious out of the relationship. People in these relationships tend to date casually without expecting anything serious.

 6. Committed Relationship

 In a committed relationship, both parties expect something serious out of the relationship and commit to being faithful to each other. These relationships generally last longer than non-committed ones.

 7. Casual Sex

 Casual sex is sex that occurs outside of a committed relationship. People in casual relationships tend to have sex with anyone they want.

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