My Videos

Here are my Youtube Channels

This channel is the One which gave me motivation to continue the struggle and hard work to keep up the good work. here is where i get a lot of prayers and wishes from the prople who were helped by the videos. this is about self development. its in URDU,

This Is a Channel I created for those who would like to see my videos in English, As I mainly Make my videos in Urdu but many of my students and trainees request to here the same in english. This channel is about self development. Below you can see my fav video from this channel.

I had started vlogging a long time back with my Urdu show, but i realized its a completely different niche. I has to do with fun and enjoyment then learning. So this one is dedicated to all the fun I have while traveling and also it gives a glance in my personal life as well. its in URDU as well