You are stupid. Period.

you are stupid

If you broke up with your and you think you are never gonna find a better partner. – You are stupid

If you think you cannot live without any person either it’s a blood relation. You are stupid

If you think you are ugly or have any defect in your appearance and can’t talk in public due to this fact. You are stupid

If you are not happy with the life you are given and you just see people who are richer and happier then you and don’t see people who are living miserable lives. You are stupid

If you run a business and don’t care about customers. You are stupid

If you think you are week in any subject it’s only your perception and. you are stupid

If you still a useless crap for your parents and the whole world and only use Facebook in your free time. You are stupid

If you only plan to do things and don’t do them. You are stupid

And if you are just reading this for fun not to improve yourself.  …………………………..

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  1. for me quitting was as easy as geittng into college and being so insanely broke that I just can't afford to smoke five dollars every few days. Think about how much money that adds up to over time. Also.. your health isn't affected nearly as bad now as if you keep up the habit. Quitting now will give your body enough time to 100% undue the damage done to your lungs, 7 months is not that bad. heart disease is the number 1 killer and cigarettes contribute to that a lot.

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