Use water therapy to cure diseases

Yes you heard it right, only water can be miraculous if you believe. i was reading a medical report and to my imagination water is a magical element on earth. water therapy is used to cure many diseases including cancer and some dangerous diseases. below is the therapy described,

Water therapy:

when you wake up early in the morning you need to develop a habit starting from 3 glasses of water (200ml) reaching to max you can, in normal cases you can reach easily to 6 glasses which is quit decent, in this way water gets most of the injurious matter out of your body in diluted form in your urine after that.

water is also used for the following common issues:

this can heal dull skin in 7 days

this can lead to less chances of heart attack.

it can lead to relief to stress which is very common factor now a days i hope you get benefits out of this,

for stress i wrote a separate article to talk about, which is stress management.

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