Two things not to do in office, First one is crucial

I am working in an office and I know the ethics and rules of an office environment. There is set of rules which apply universally and has no connection to race or culture. So the following are 3 crucial things to keep in mind while you stay in the office.

Care about other’s faults:

The most common mistake done by most of the people is caring about what other people are doing and what’s there fault. In my tenure of job, I have learnt that this is something damaging. It damages your brain, your peace of mind and also the reputation. While you care about what other people are doing wrong you lose your own concentration, you lose your tempo and most importantly you create a feeling of jealousy.

A question may arise here, that, whose gonna take care of the black sheeps then? And the answer is that. You just mind your own job. There are people who are responsible to take care of those people. Yes, if you are given the responsibility of monitoring them, then off course you need to. But if not, stay calm and enjoy your own job.

Working less or working more:

You are required to do task A as your major task and you are good at task B. IT DOESN’T MEAN AT ALL THAT YOU IGNORE TASK A. Giving an extra mile is always beneficial but in the long run you will always be seen as if you are doing your assigned task or no. so extracurricular is good but only when you are able to achieve your major job.

Doing more work than required is nice but it creates a vacuum like phenomena, which starts sucking more of your potential. There is a big difference between going an extra mile and working more than required. Try to recognize. If you want to give an extra mile. Try to see what your boss likes after completing your main objective. Over doing the same job might give you incentive but it will make new milestones the next time.

So give something extra but don’t create extra expectations.


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