Starting once again…


It’s all mixed.

I mean whenever I sit down and try to write on a topic; a bunch of thoughts just come up on mind and try to lead in the race of thoughts. I get confused on how to concentrate on one. So from now on I would write whatever comes in my mind and see what it makes.

Things I learnt today were:

Whenever you are going to an interview you need to SEE things carefully. As today I had an interview and on the reception I had to take the passing card and I was so much busy in thinking about the interview that I didn’t enter my details there on the register; the receptionist asked me to fill the details and said: “I hope you will have a good interview but you failed at the very first step.”

A very new and good thing I learnt today was; you are an average of five persons you stay in touch with, so try to be with people who trust in you and will motivate for good things. People with low self-esteem and No desire for success are the ones responsible for your disappointments.

Today I am gonna start once again for my internet business and this is going to be the fourth time I quit and started it off again, if after 5 years I read this article, I need to tell myself at this time I am feeling dumb and taking risk for the fifth time may everything goes well.

I know this is not anything very exciting to start with but I wanted to start like that. I will be producing more productive talks later on and lets begin with high aims.

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  1. hmm u will do.IN SHAA ALLAH

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