Should i jailbreak my iphone 6S and a good news for iphone 6

This is the question most of the jail breakers are asking out there. do i need to jailbreak my new iphone 6s or 6s plus.


to be honest, there is nothing out there in cydia market which have this much benefit to take the risk of jailbreaking. it might be because its new but most probably all the required features which people wished to have in iphone are already put in action. as a proud owner of the iphone 6s i really did not find anything worthy to jailbreak my phone for. but here are FEW things which might tempt people to jailbreak even with the new device:

Notification privacy: you dont want your message to be show to the world when its on lock screen, apple does not give any option to hide the content, you can either hide the whole notification from the lockscreen or bare the full preview.

ifile: if you’ve been an android user, you might be used to going to manage your internal files and find your smart phone as mini computer. but in iPhone this is not the case you cant manage in this way.

Xmod: for the people who know the name xmod, need to jailbreak. and for the people who don’t know about it. don’t bother. lol.

appearance: i am not really convinced with this one as iphone it self it graceful as i believe but people still would like to play with the appearance and this can only be done by jailbreaking like theme, icons and stuff.

there are so many other uses which i find are not that important to take the risk.

There is a good news for iphone 6 or old iphone users:

you want to to renew your mobile for free and have those same features as the new iphone. then jailbreak might be your thing. they have introduced many apps now which can make your iphone 6 or older have the feel of 3d touch. amazing right. i will right another post on that. so stay tuned.

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