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“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.”



Feeling dejected? Are you stressed just because you cannot change the way you are living. Everyone laughs at you; they think you are miserable, pathetic. Are you? Certainly not! Because you are looking for improvement. You are trying to change, improve. And just this vigor, concern in itself is enough, to distinct you from those horrendous allegations.


Improve your self:

The biggest question is how to improve all on your own? How to keep sustaining the improvement process until you reach the pinnacle? You may have tried a lot of times to pull yourself together, failed many times. And this adds to the frustration, very understandably. Following is the complete answer you need to know:

  • Know your worth: You are precious. You have a worth. Value it. You make a difference in this world just by waking up in the morning and going to the bathroom. So never think you are nothing to anyone.
  • Don’t regret on your fate, have faith: No matter what has happened to you in the past, it is the past. You have control over the present and you can draw your future whatever you like. You can achieve anything, the only thing you need is to stop regretting on your fate and put complete faith in yourself.
  • Start small, but start today: Enough is enough. You should start the change mode from today. This day. It doesn’t need to be big; no one is asking you to stop listening Justin Bieber and start listening to Linkin Park! It can just be that you change your brush. Feel new, relaxed in the mind. Remember your start should be good no matter how small, but a good move is a must.
  • Give me a break: Yes, you deserve a break! Get away from your usual routine and give yourself the well-deserved attention. Book a holiday to a serene island, where there would be no one to disturb you. If you cannot afford it, no problem. Drive or get a taxi to a rural area or a peaceful beach and be nearer to nature. Nature is the best healer along with time.
  • If Edison failed 100 times, I can fail 1000 times: Learn from and forget your failed attempts of redemption. Bowing to your desires is natural, never be put off from your mission just because of a slight slip away. Moving on is the best cure of depression. It may take a considerable effort, but it will be worth it.



“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”
 Albert Einstein

How to improve yourself:

  • A little policing is necessary: Always share your progress with someone. No matter if the person is friend, family or even a stranger, you should tell your experience and ask them to keep you on track whenever they see you slipping away. Applying pressure to a wound is soothing, but more than enough will severe the wound. So this policing should be very controlled or can result in de motivation or even tattered relationship!
  • Cling to something, get inspired: Everyone has got one thing that makes them tick. Find what make you move, keep on you track. It can be a person, an object, a faith or even a pet! No matter what it is, you have to take inspiration from your source and strive hard. Sometimes it’s a memory that pushes you on. Cherish that memory because that will is your guide to you rise.
  • You do not need cloak and dagger, you have clock and scheduler: Start synchronizing your life. Managing the time at hand is the essence of enjoying at work, having fun even at hard times. You will have to find time for you, your family and friends from the busy professional life you are living. It is still very important if you do not have a professional life, but you just feel a lot lazy in doing anything. Get up, get up now. The world is waiting to see your ascension!
  • You have made a decision, stand by it: You have decided to improve yourself. You will improve. You will do everything necessary to achieve your target. Take all the decisions necessary to move in the right path of improvement. There would be some hard choices to make; you will be at a crossroad many a times in your way to ultimate improvement. Remember, there is no perfect decision; the only right decision is what you have taken.

“I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right.”
 Muhammad Ali Jinnah





  • Even the ‘invincible ones’ fail at times, accept you cannot change some stuff: You cannot change the Sun rising from the East, you cannot change the rail road track that runs right beside your home. But you can change the bed so you won’t be bothered with the light while you take a nap. You can make your home more sound proof with simple techniques. Even when all roads seem closed, there are windows open, full of opportunities and choices, you just need a little more vision to see them.
  • Be light hearted, be generous: Being light hearted does not mean taking nothing seriously, it means you enjoy the fun stuff no matter the timing. And generosity does not mean just giving away all the stuff at home, just helping an elderly water his or her garden, helping a blind cross the street can be small deeds that can revive your inner self. It can pump you to relief and satisfaction that is a major motivating factor towards self-improvement. Remember: “You will be remembered, forever” is a strong push up to everyone.
  • Do not put things off later; they are going to bite you in the future: The world is changing, more and more people are now working independently, on their own, usually from their home. And since there is no boss to slash them for finishing up the work, the general trend of putting things for later ensues very commonly in such class of professionals. Never do that! Complete the work in the time you had thought of in the first place; postponing it for later can be disastrous, you may have more work than time and you will finish up ruining your leisure time or even the whole weekend catching up with the work.




One last thing that can have a very good effect is to give you gifts on accomplishing targets. For example, you can set a target that if I finish all the work before Friday, I will go to the beach with my girlfriend and have a nice swim and some grilled fish. If you won’t finish till then, you will have the same old boring lunch at your work desk!

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