Important quotes about passion

  Here are some special thoughts of mine converted into quotable images so you guys can use them if you want, passion is nothing but a strong emotion that resides within us. we just need to figure it out. here are some cool images of passion.  

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How to respond to success

Success might come to you unexpectedly or may be expectedly. But how to respond to this situation? How to handle it, is the question. For the people who don’t believe in luck, might not like this article. Some people are unable to accept the success and this leads to failure …

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Hey, is gone bigger now. We have acquired which has been serving you since 4 years now and we will try our best to keep up the level. All the posts are imported in this website and you can easily find the post by searching the topic …

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5 things to prevent frustration or anger

This is common, so common that 9 out of 10 people in this whole WORLD are frustrated of something and 3 out of these are so used to frustration that they find something on their own to get frustrated.     Change your posture:I don’t have any scientific support here …

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Things you dont need to miss in daily life

Welcome to my daily learning section, here I write about a topic a day for whatever I learn from life. Each topic would be short and concise but very practical. Please add this page to your book mark and come back again daily for daily dose. Daily learning It’s a …

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