Changing the Internet: Pat Flynn

There are some people who changed the internet in a way or another. Impact may be big or small. But the value they have produced it worth mentioning. According to me, how much value you make is more important than how much money you make, that’s why i will not be considering the money factor as “MAJOR”, but it is definitely taken into consideration while measuring the success. I will be Dissecting 10 internet personalities and their impact.


Today its PAT FLYNN

DATE for data extraction: 4/16/16

Facebook followers: 137K

Twitter followers: 133K

Instagram: 19.1K

ITunes: Over 8 million downloads

You tube Subscribers: 58K

Published books: 2

Types of online businesses: Blog, adsence, affiliate income, books, apps, podcast, VLogs


who is Pat Flynn:

Pat Flynn is now one of the most trusted internet entrepreneurs and pod-caster and bestselling author. But behind this successful story there is a very normal guy with a normal lifestyle. A little history of pat Flynn:

After graduating from the university he started working for an architecture firm in San Francisco. He was leading a completely normal life until he was laid off.

(for those people who are scared of being laid off or cannot judge the circumstances can read a very good book called, “who moved my cheese” it’s such an amazing piece of writing about how people can recognize that the time is not good in job)

He had started a blog where he used to put his notes for his course and the intent was never to commercialize it. But before being laid off he saw, there’s a huge bunch of people coming every day to this blog. Then “the Aha moment” came to his mind and he started discovering the internet world. He then joined the mastermind group which helped him align with people having same mindset. Mastermind, as he believes played a major role in his success as it gave him a great idea of where to start and how. You may join the master mind group as well by clicking here Internet Business mastery after recognizing the potential of what he can do with his notes taking site, he launch an eBook compiling everything together. With the name of but

As success does not come straight to your lawn it brings some storm as well

He got a notice because the site used the keyword of the exam of that course which conflicts the copyright laws. Pat changed the name but because of good quality of his course the sales did not go dead. Then he thought of teaching people how other people can also start earning over the internet

(Before you start teaching people how to earn income in the internet industry, you should be earning)

He started, let’s see the transformation


This was the first ever View of his site captured on the internet, you see! everybody starts from scratch.

very first online existance


Then his first Design (i may be wrong but internet shows this) and the logo of smart passive income doesn’t change a lot.


first design of smart passive income


And this is how the site looks Today, its awesome PAT.


latest design


I see his very early posts where he says he was planning to quit his 9 to 5 job as soon as he starts earning a specific amount per month. I feel taking this step (risk in my opinion) is quite hard as a job pays you an undoubted sum of money which is not the case in business. But then one day came that he got laid off. For him, it was the best thing which could happen. Letting him be free from 9 to 5 life and explore the online business world. When he started, it was not receiving that many views. Pat says, a time had come that he was convinced his site is not going to work.

As of now, Pat is working to make his name a BRAND itself, which looks to be true very soon.

If you want to start of your site as well, you may sign up for hosting here Start your hosting

His other sources of income include:

  • IPhone apps
  • Affiliate incomes such as hosting and amazon
  • AdSense
  • Book sales
  • Speaking (some times)



Clear picture

He did something different from the people of that time. He was one of the few people (as per my knowledge) who started sharing over the internet that how much they were earning every month. This was something unexpected, at least to me, a place where people hesitate to show what they earn, this guy started showing and then became a trend setter. His clear picture started to become a motivation factor for a lot people. I mean how positive is this. When people see real figures of someone earning this much, it definitely motivates other people to try their luck online. I believe internet IS a very good business if you WILL.


clear picture


Niche site duel:

As a part of being crystal clear, he initiated a challenge to start an experimental site with Tyrone Shum. Actually Tyrone made a friendly challenge. They both started off and you can check the updates or the whole story on and see how they made from zero to 2K earning site. The site is called its earning average of $2K per month from adsense and is at the top since long with minimal effort.

security gaurd training website


That nervous guy

I remember him saying that he was not very comfortable in public speaking or podcasting and was camera shy as well. He worked very well to improve his skills and now have a success video channel over YouTube and a podcast which is a huge success. The reason I am mentioning this is to tell you guys that anything is possible with right motivation and will. When you believe you CAN do something, it’s only as far as the first step you take towards it.


Taking the risk

Starting anything new is a risk. Yes, humans CANNOT control their future. But they CAN shape it. But it’s always recommended to take risk.

I would say “The biggest risk in life is not taking a risk” Not all what Pat did go right. But he kept trying and taking risk.

The family Guy:

He gives proper time to his family and As i could see from photos, his wife and children are pretty happy from him. he normally does his work in late hours when family is asleep so he could spend more time with family.

Keeping it natural,

You DO NOT have to be unnatural, whatever you earn, and how much ever you become popular. You are still a normal being. You NEED to socialize; you STILL need your LOVED ones. Your feet should still be on the ground and your fame should not make your vision blur. PAT still enjoys talking to his fans, at the end he is also a normal guy. I appreciate you PAT on this.


Crash test dummy

Now he claims to be crash test dummy of internet business. Somewhat his claim is true as I don’t see any popular mode of Internet business he is not into. From website to podcast to video to apps development. You may follow him to see what new experiments he makes.

Take aways:

  1. What ever happens in life, Face it; you will have better results
  2. Don’t Put all your Eggs in one basket
  3. What ever you do, Family is important.
  4. Take risk in life to succeed



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