Handling conversations: Preparation of difficult conversation

This is the first part of a series of understanding how to handle difficult conversation, be it with the customers, peers or family. We come across many conversations, most of them are usual conversations but some times we come to a point that we wish we weren’t. to handle a conversation better, we need to understand different parts of conversations from preparation to start till the end. so lets come for the first portion:

handling conversation

To prepare your self for a conversation which you think can be difficult you need to observe the following steps:

Whose job is this: Such an important point to consider even before you think anything else is whether is this your job or not. if not, do not bother your self to get involved with this. you don’t want to have a bad day because of something which wasn’t even your responsibility. if it is your responsibility then see either you are the decision maker or your are talking on some one’s behalf. this will let you better understand your position.

Gather information: facts are undeniable and that is a fact. if you gather correct and valid information, you don’t need to worry about, at least for what you have to say because you already know this is what you need to say. one other benefit of gathering the facts is that you look authorized, legitimate in front of people.

Measure the outcomes: What ever you are going to do, is going to give you the results which you are looking for, is it worth taking this risk. what if you win the argument, what if you loose it.

Look for a good time and place: This is important, in preparation, you need to select a proper place and time to have that conversation, normally serious talks are done privately, but it all depends on the situation but it should be comfortable for both to talk.

And last but not the least, this is just a conversation, you do not need to be scared off of it. this will let both the parties express and solve and your ultimate goal is to get better results.

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