How to live a satisfied life

  1. give adequate time to your bed (sleep).
  2. Be thankful of what ever you have.
  3. Give smiles to everybody you see.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Act like a kid some times.
  6. In love, Do not put expectations. what ever you get, consider it a bonus.
  7. try to be financially literate. (there is a difference between money rich and mind rich)
  8. Its okay to treat yourself sometimes.
  9. put 15% at least to emergency saving, every month.
  10. be neat and tidy.
  11. adopt one creative hobby.
  12. adopt one fun hobby.
  13. make a to do list.
  14. get out of electronics and internet, your family and friends are good people as well.
  15. concentrate on food while eating…..


satisfied life

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