Why am i so disappointed

I don’t feel like doing this now!! I have done loads of work already I deserve a relaxing break!! I don’t like to do anything as I am always tired!!


Does any of the sentence feels like you? Don’t worry, you are with a big number of people who feel the same.


Let’s talk how not to feel this way:


How not to be lazy or how can I stop being lazy:


Being lazy depends majorly on two things. Your thoughts and your thoughts, huh.


These are different kinds of thoughts and lets discuss one by one


Your worries:

The thoughts of future or you can say thoughts of present as well for some people, ‘how am I going to do it?’ ‘how is this even possible?’ ‘there are people who do nothing and why do I have to do all the work in the world?’ ‘what will happen to me in near future?’


I ensure you that you won’t turn into a beast for sure hehe. these are some worries which does not help us in any way but we still like to think about. Its linke addiction. We feel this is the best way to live to think about all your problems. Let me make it bold. We think about the problems only. Not the solutions and if we de its fantasized. Some impossible solution like you become a man of steel and break a wall of a bank and that what ever about of money you want. Right? You can feel it right? How we think.


Thinking has a major impact on our will power. Try not to think one day of all the worries you might have. Just think of any blessing you have right now. You will feel better. These thought cause fatigue and fatigue let us drain all the energy we have for the rest of the day. So avoid these thoughts.


Your capacity:

Our brain is like any other organ of the body. Or allow me to say it a pet. We train it and then it gets trained. Believe me, you train your brain to be strong in emotion, it eventually will become stronger. You train your brain to think that you have all the energy and you are not tired, it, for some reason, will accept that. You just need to believe what you are trying to tell your brain. Prepare your mind to do all the tasks which are supposed to be done and keep reminding that you need to do em. In simple words try on regular basis to think your capacity is more then what ever work is required from you.  And you will see the results.