How to sleep well in 6 steps

Sleeping well is one of the biggest issues now a days, I have met people complaining about their restless nights. There is a stress management article discussed previously but if you follow the following 6 steps and even some of them, it can drastically improve your sleeping pattern. Lets get into it.


Exercise before coming to bed

You need to be healthy, you need to exercise. As they say, exercise is an important part of life, if you do it before you sleep it will not only helps you in your metabolism, but also exercise can lead to a very restful sleep.


Do not watch bright screens near your sleep time

Our brain is not that smart, yes it isn’t. when you keep watching bright screens in the night with the lights off, your eyes send signal to your brain that you are not ready to sleep and it generates the activity hormones. And don’t let you sleep.

bright screens

Concentrate on one thing before sleeping (eg book reading):

If you are thinking of different things your brain will keep generating though hormones which doesnot let a person go to sleep, that sleep is restless and you feel tired of when you wake up early in the morning. To let your brain rest and not produce those hormones, you need to let it concentrate on one thing and the best practice is reading a book or listening to any audio book.


Make a sleeping environment

Yes, it really helps, try to turn off all the lights in your room, if not then at least dim your lights, close the doors make it soundless and it will help you sleep well.


Take a hot shower before sleeping

Relaxing your body muscles before you sleep helps you sleep, taking a hot shower lowering your room temperature and getting into your comforter will definitely help you sleep better

Cupped Hands Under Shower

Make a regular sleeping pattern

There was an experiment made that some dogs in the school were fed, right after the school bell used to ring, when it was repeated several days, one day food was not served but as soon as the school bell rang the dogs started generating saliva in their mouths as their brain was waiting for the food. Our brain works better with patterns, if your sleep on a certain time every day it makes it easy to sleep the same time every day


I hope it helps you in sleeping.