Gender disappointment; what to do

Disappointment! Really! You were expecting a tossed coin to to show the side of your choice? Are you serious. Don’t take me wrong. But is this really a disappointment? I mean when I went through this topic I

gender disappointment

was forced to write a post about it even this is not the specialized place for it. Gender disappointment is nothing to worry about.

These are the conditions which make this an issue:

People Around you make it that way.

If the mother ‘suffered’ due to her gender, then she unconciously develops something.

If mothers are having same gender childs already.

Family pressure.

There are several other reasons that might cause you to feel that way.

gender disappointment

So you are in this condition any way. Here are the steps to follow to deal with Gender disappointment:

I am going to be precise and short. Please just act as you are told don’t wander your thoughts.

Accept the reality. You were not “the ONE” to choose.

You can pray but not decide.

There are tens of thousands of arguments why baby boys are better the baby girls and why baby girls are better than baby boys so don’t feel grief just find the respective advantage of whatever you have.

Go now and type this sentence into Google with whatever gender you got.

Why baby _______ are better?

gender disappointment

After sometime it is going to be good.

My mother are 4 sisters and only one brother but at the end they all say it was all for good.

Everything at the end becomes good.

Please Share your experiences.


  1. Our baby is due in early June and we have not started on the nreusry yet. This weekend we plan to clean out the room that will be the nreusry, so that's a start! The theme will be a sort of fairytale library – lots of books, and the ceiling will be painted with clouds and some stars (my mom is an artist who will paint the ceiling). There will be a very art deco stenciled moon and stars border, and some little fairies hanging from the ceiling by in invisible wire. LO is a girl, and we did not want super pink, frilly or princessy themes.

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