BTN news Chrome 28 coming with blink engine

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Chrome 27 beta is just going to launch by Google, however there is already a conversation on Chrome 28, that will include switched to Blink which is recently announced.
Blink is the new interpretation engine that will swap WebKit across all of Google’s operating systems and browsers.

About 10 week’s time, google will launch the blink together with chrome 28, Google exposed in a Q&A video, posted yesterday, that describes the company’s decision to fork WebKit

On Thursday, Google software engineer Adam Barth wrote that Google believes that “having multiple rendering engines – similar to having multiple browsers – will spur innovation and over time improve the health of the entire open web ecosystem.”

Apple’s Safari browser and Google Chrome, both currently powers the WebKit.
This is all about the revolutionization, apparently, and it’s vague what steps and implications Google’s Blink switch will have for the future of the network.