How to impress others while speaking

Read the lines carefully and if you want to adopt them just print them and stick them to your bed side. You’ll soon be there for what you aim for.

Look into the eyes of the person you are talking too.

Start with humble attitude even if you are “something big”, just start it off with less attitude. People develop an image as soon as the get in touch and if you reviel your self slowly they will be more impressed.

Talk well. There is a difference between talking more and talking well. Observe it. If you can explain your thoughts in 3 words, don’t use forth.

Don’t show off, just show it. (to explain: I have many big contacts vs. I just met Mr. someone to ask) what you need to show is you are something and showing off isn’t the right way.

Be natural.

There are two set of people. You can share your problems with one and you can impress the others. If you combine you are a fool. People who are inspired by you don’t expect you to be in pity situation.

Always use their name to call them.


  1. Hi Alex,Can you please post a tourtial on how to create a Mockup of our own?I created a Fold-Over business card and want to show it in a mockup but cannot find a mockup Anywhere of a foldover business card.Thanks

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