Heal after break up or broken relationship

The advices might not be new inventions but this therapy has a psychological effect. Share it and ask your friends or family to read this if they are facing any problem like broken relation.

There are thousands of people seeking advices on how to heal and get rid of the stress, tension, anger and anxiety after the break up. When I search for this specific term I found a lot of posts and articles but none of them was up to what was needed so I decided to write the actual healer.

So there may be different situation and reasons why you broke up. It might be:

  • One of you broke up.
  • It might be due to loss of attraction, rise of disputes or any other case like cheating or doing something unforgivable (from either of the side)

There is another condition when there is not a break up but:

  • One of the partners disappeared and never came back.
  • One of the partner is not answering or telling why he left without break up.
  • So whatever condition might be the reason you are here is to find out the way to heal yourself from the mental trauma you are facing right now.  So you are feeling some of the following characteristics.
  • You are feeling like you have been left alone in this cruel world.
  • Nobody can love like your partner did.
  • He/she was very different and you won’t find anyone else.
  • You can’t face the world now
  • You don’t find any reason to dress up and enjoy
  • Everything is finished
  • Or you might feel anger, stress anxiety
  • You are feeling you loved him or her by heart and there is no one in the world who can love him or her better then you.
  • He or she didn’t understand that relationships are very important, why they don’t feel its importance.
  • You might feel how they moved on so easily? Am I the most stupid person of the world to love like this?
  • He or she didn’t understand me if they did our relation could be heaven on earth.
  • To whom will I share all of my secrets?
  • There is no one who could listen to what I felt and thought. There is no one to understand me.
  • You don’t have anything to do now. There is nothing which keeps you busy now. Or
  • You might feel cheated like how the hell he or she cheated on me
  • I don’t want to talk to him or her again and just want these emotional feelings out of my mind.
  • I am not feeling pity but just want to get rid of all the memories about him.

So let’s begin the magic.

Imagine it’s just you and me no one else. (If you are in public place save this page and read it alone where there is no distraction)

So you might be the victim or just want to forget something (these are the 2major possibilities)

Our mind is actually programmed to remember the most recent event either its good or bad. If the event is bad it will keep regretting the feeling and the event. Try to remember the days when you were alone and had not met your partner.

Please don’t fool yourself, it’s a therapy and works pretty well if you will believe it so do what I say now.

Were you born with your partner or alone?

When you were alone you somehow managed to live right? Think how? What were your hobbies and what was your schedule. Take a paper and pencil and write it down now. Think hard and see in the past that what your time table was.

Because I am targeting all the market there might be some people who say:

We were together from very early age and can’t do things which were done as a kid.

So try to think what were your hobbies before break up? Which were the things you were not able to give time due to the relationship it’s the time now to do them?

Write all of them.

Now the most important thing to do is to accept the reality. What? Is that so easy, if it was why you would have been searching on Google for these types of articles. But listen to me.

See yourself now. Is that the right thing you are doing to yourself? Think? Feel it that you have accepted that it’s all have been done already.

You are now alone accepting it. Your partner and you are no more together accept it.

But also accept that everything else is the same.

Only your partner is not with you. You might have your family and friends with you? Your boss, teacher and your entire world is there and working as they were before so why to disturb that for one person.

One of my friends Khalil once said a very good thing about relations. That is:

When you get rejected, it’s only that one person who rejected you not the whole world! Why do we see from his or her eyes that rejected you? You are the same person for the rest of the world.

So accept this reality too.

If you are honest you yourself adopt this final technique and you will be set for the success.

Instantly shift your memories whenever your mind manipulates the bad memories. Like if you are sitting alone in your room and bad memories start coming to you just shift your focus to something else like oh I need to help my mom making food, or I need to go brush my teeth, watch TV, play sport, meet a friend, take tea or coffee or anything else.

Forth you need to believe in yourself that you can live and do whatever I said to you. Nobody in this entire world can help you if you are not willing to help your self

Put yourself out of the misery and try to help yourself. Be a healer yourself or this thing will destroy you completely.

If you are willing to help yourself then you will eventually win the battle. And do this like a job.

If you think there is someone who needs healing, give this article to him to read and help others. Share it on social media to make people come out of this pathetic life they are living.