Show title in feed subscription email

Here is a quick tutorial on how to show the title of the post in the email subject sent to the subscribers.

Before applying this tutorial this is the screen shot, how my sbscribers were getting my emails.

All emails were titled with my blog title this my might annoying at times so here are some benefits of having you post title In the email subject.

It is beneficial because:

Ease of access

More clear to subscribers

Subscriber can decide to open the email or not. (By seeing the title)

Subscribers are not annoyed

A good impression

How to show title of the post in feed email:

Go to your feed account or go here

Select your feed

Go to publicize tab

Go to email subscriptions then email branding.

You’ll see the subject line like this Email Subject/Title and a text box like the image below.

If you want to change it to anything default; just write it there.

If you want post titles then write this in the text box


You can also brand your email with your logo.

This can have a great impact on subscribers.

You need to host your images to any server.

Here is a tutorial on how to host unlimitedimages

You are done enjoy.


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