5 evergreen blogger hacks and tweaks

I was just watching my old posts and saw some very very cool hacks and tweaks. So I thought why not remind you people of these tools once again.

Without wasting much time I will go through each of them. These are the hacks to optimize your blog. Here you go.

1 Explanation:

Sometimes you need to explain something but you cannot explain it right there due to many reasons like you don’t want to deviate from the topic etc. 

You might get help with these two tweaks.

Tool tips:

When any one hover over the word a little explanation bar appears to explain what is that or anything you need to explain here is the pic that can better demonstrate what I am talking about.

Here is the post Tool tips

Placing foot note:

You can also place foot notes like you sometimes see in the books or wiki pedia a little link is placed in front of the word which needs to be explained. This is also a good way to demonstrate.

 and when some one click on the “1” he or she will be taken down to that page where the explanation is written like this:

Here is the link to that post

How to place a footnote in blogger

2. How to keep the copy cats away:

Internet is full of copycats. It always happens that you make some high quality content to share with general public but after some time that content is being published on several substandard sites without giving any credit. If this is the situation you might need to disable right click and copy option so that no one can copy that.

This is the snap shot when someone right click on your content it will show the following message. To see a live demo click here and right click on the content.

3. Remove numbering from labels

This is a simple tweak yet very effective. We all hate the numbers in front of the labels. Go to this post and see how to remove those numbers.

4. Blogger smileys:

Most of the bloggers want to put some emotions in their posts. It might help if there are smileys which can mirror your emotions and tell readers what are you up to at that time. You might need smileys like the snap below to post into your blog post. 

5. Recommend readers more:

This is the best thing that you can automatically tell readers what to read next on your blog. This might help to increase reader loyalty and visit time for your site. This is recommended post slide out widget.

You can see live demo on this blog too. This widget automatically recommends a random post to your reader to read next.

I hope you like the tweaks please see the related posts down and subscribe for more fantastic tweaks.


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