Unlimited IMAGE hosting on BlogSpot:

Situations might have come where you needed an image and you hosted that image on any image hosting server like photo bucket and share a pic.

Today I am going to tell you are very simple yet vet effective tool to create your own unlimited lifetime image hosting server with no hassles like the image below:

You might have seen this type of error messages hundreds of times. So there may be a solution like you need to create an account with any image hosting server and maintain that account for life. They have many limitations like:

  • You need to access your account once in a month.
  • You image should be seen once in a month.
  • Or they might delete your image by saying extra bandwidth consumed.

Here is the solution:

How to host images permanently with unlimited bandwidth:

Go to blogger account

Create a new blogger page and name it something like images, server or any other you like.

This page will be the server.

Whenever you need to put an image you just go to the page and edit it.

Go to this page if you want to see demonstration how it looks like.

Just go to this page and copy your image location and paste where ever you need it.

Like this is the like of the demonstration image below:

Now this is your permanent image hosting solution.


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