Off page SEO techniques for 2012 2nd half

Google is definitely getting more tuff for the SERPs and always changing its algorithm. So what to do now. As good content also needs some (at least some) SEO for it to have some ranking so what is good at present. Without proper off page SEO you cannot achieve what you really deserve.

What has gone down now?

Blog networks worked extraordinary well in 2011 and changed many people’s life but they are down now.

Article marketing is somehow not that effective in comparison to time and money spent on it. Though it is worth of writing a whole new article and spinning it to level 5 and then submitting it to 10 to 15 authority article directories. It might help.

Spamming is completely out.

What’s up!

Social bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is now on the heat. I don’t know why but I am smelling that it might lose its status but for now. Hit it hard. Social networks like stumble upon and delicious are worth enough to share. So make it easy for the people to share your article through the sharing buttons.

You can bookmark each and very post which you publish. So try adding good content to your site regularly and then bookmark it on different sites.

Guest posting:

You should have heard this term if you are a blogger. And this is something real. I am a little reluctant to write guest posts but it has become a trend or you might say it needs to be done. There is a saying that “do as the romans do”.

There will be 2 main benefits of the guest blogging. First you might receive some traffic, which would eventually become your loyal readers if your content is good. And second it will give you a backlink which is natural and a good vote towards your site.

Forum profiles:

Yes you read it right. Somewhat or somehow Google is still not able to filter the forum profile links as there are tons of thousands of people are genuinely using forums and this is almost impossible for Google to distinguish what’s right or wrong until now. It might happen that some action could be taken but it’s a thing to do in 2012.

Stat based sites:

If I was to coach someone I would have given the first lesson to submit your site to the stat based site. I am planning to program a tool which automatically submits a sites to different stat based sites. For now you can submit to quant cast, compete, alexa and webstatsdomain.

Use web 2.0

It’s an evergreen plant. Create web 2.0 pages and write about your blog or website there it’s a good vote after all. Try creating different pages with different names so that you get diversified backlinks.

Finally create good quality content as it’s the major thing you need to do after all.

Help others.


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