Google algorithm change what’s next

Today Google has again updated the search engines results with a massive change, leaning towards quality sites. What it means is that Google is trying to make visible those sites which are of high quality content and slap those sites which are doing web spamming.

Does this really mean that Google has made its search engines so smart that they can recognize what’s good or not? No they didn’t.

After my deep analysis I have come up to the point that Google has slapped that website which are or have been using private blog networks for SEO purposes. Google calls it link schemes and they are manipulating the results right away and right now.

I have noticed that even those sites are affected who used to use the link schemes but after the shutdown of Buildmyrank they stooped. But Google has punished them too. One of my authority site has also been hit with this let’s see what happens next.

My predictions and suggestions about algorithm:

I would suggest quitting the blog networks promotion as soon as possible.

Article marketing is still on the go but don’t create messy spun versions.

Google bots have become very smart to find spun content.

Guest posting is HOT HOT HOT.

Try to give your readers as much ease as you can to share your content through social media, this is the next big thing.