Workout goes along the life – nothing is passive


I don’t want to be rude and this may hurt some people’s feelings but it’s true.

There is nothing passive in life everything move if you make them move. Either it’s your income or some relationship.

I am a big fan of pat Flynn from and I’d recommend you to follow his blog posts as he tells how to earn passive income? But is it really passive? The unfortunate answer is No.

First of all we need to define the word passive:

Passive means:

Not participating readily or actively; inactive


So what is means is that there is nothing in the world that you want and get passively. But don’t get downhearted.

I actually didn’t want to start off like that but that’s the truth but the main purpose of this post was that you need to go on.

If I take the example of the internet world. We see lots of people earning great amount of money and claiming different things. We are captivated and mesmerized by the success stories of those people and start believing that we can do it too.

And yes you can do it too. Yes you can.

But the road hurdles and the speed breakers which are going to come in our way are not taken under consideration.

Suppose we see a graph like this one.


We see the rise of the revenue or success and we just set our laptops and set up a blog and wake up next day and open our online bank account and see how much money we have earned.

It’s not like that people. Observe the success graph of the above person is of 8 big fat years. I repeat its years? We focus on this part only and that’s our biggest mistake.


What I am going to advice it that you might have an ideal person. You might be impressed by his success story. But go further. Have a detailed analysis. And see how much struggle ha did. Ask him. Ask him to motivate you. According to me most of the successful people do motivate others because they had faced the same problem like you are facing right now.

And finally the work. You need to be consistent you need to be working.

Everyone sees failure and out of everyone a few people keep on trying and those are the people whose success stories are read by the rest of the world.

There are two things.

  • Do it consistently
  • Do it right?

You need to keep on working and doing work hard. You will see failures, yes you will because that’s the part of the success. But keep on working. Every failure will let you know the don’ts of your field. You don’t need to repeat your failure then. Go on working.

Then you need to know that you are doing it right. 70% of the people do the things wrong and ask their selves why we fail. So have a coach if you are having difficulty or if you want to do it your own way then experiment and use try and test method but be sure you are doing right things the right way.

Best of luck. Keep on working.