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Recommended post slide out for blogger

Engaging the visitor is the most important thing of all the other things, if you are able to engage a visitor properly, you have made it.

A recent survey showed that 79% of the readers just scan the page they are on. What it means is there is very less time to capture a reader.

This slide out will pop out as the reader scrolls down the page and suggests anything to him to read. Now user has the option to read or not but it’s a good thing to tell them something more about your website.


How to add a recommended post slide out:

Click the button below

Select the blog you want to put this script in and you are done.

How to Customize recommended post slide out:

You can decide when the slide out comes out if you want it to come out

At the end of the post then,




And copy the following just below this:

I will try to create a post on how to customize it even more. please subscribe to get latest posts

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