How to show threaded comments

Show threaded comments

Blogger has implemented this threaded comment script already. So if you create a new blog then you will already have this on your HTML. 

But many of us are using old templates which are acattered all over the internet so this is for those who are using older templates which don’t have this script this one is really simple.


For those who only want to add a reply button option for there templates I have the tutorial here. pleader visit Add reply button to comments.

Why threaded comments:

This looks awesome. This may be the only reason to convince me and a lot of people but still it looks handy and you may reply directly to the one you want.

You may see live DEMO here


How to add threaded comments to blogger:

Go to blogger account

First of all for safety back up your template. (From now on I will surely focus on this one)

Go to edit HTML

Check expand widget templates.


Replace this code by this one

Save the template and you are done.