Hide navbar (simple formula)

 navbaris the navigational bar that appears when anyone opens any blogger’s blog at the top, it is set as default by blogger.com.
this is navbar:

To remove it here is a simple thing to do:
go to “edit HTML” and search for head tab and right above it add this code and thats all get rid of it

navbar removal code
<style>#navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none; }style>

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  1. Much like the autonomic psotadcs, I both love and hate the idea of no set-lists. On the one hand it brings back a certain mystery where your like: "Oh my god, what is this track playing now??" and you have to dig around to find out things and it is kinda fun filling in the set. … On the other hand when you have the tracks listed it's easy to look up the artists and get more music from them. Either way I'm sticking around for the ride. Loved this one!

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