Show widget on home page only

Lately many people have been asking me for how to show a gadget only on the home page, this can be used for the variety of purposes like some important notice or anything which is only needed on the homepage of your blog. Like if you see on my home page, I have an important notice that I have now started video tutorials for you.  And here is my first video tutorial. As I am not a native English speaker so please excuse me if anything goes wrong. (Being humble)

Here is the video tutorial and after the video is the guide in other case.


How to Show a gadget or widget only on home page

Go to blogger account 

Create a widget and save it

Open the widget again and see for the widget ID in the link bar

Go to edit HTML and expand widget templates

Find the widget ID (in my case it is HTML8)

Copy this


 Line above 

only display title if it’s non-empty

And copy this 



Save and watch it working.


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