How to host java script on blogger

If you are a blogger you might be familiar with the java script. All te widgets and tweaks are done with the help of this scripting. Java script is saved in a file with an extension of .js and as you all know blogger or blogspot don’t allow to host anything so normally we host all the files to any other hosting service and then give the code to blogger.

What happens is that if many bloggers start using the file it increases te bandwidth of that hosting site and the delete or replace that file. The most fit example here is the images example if you host images to some external free hosting service most likely you are going to find this after some time.

So how to handle the problem of file movement and file deletion.

Host your java script on yor blogger platform:

To do this you need to download that java file to your computer first.

To illustrate I’ll take an example like when you need to add some widget to your blog you’ll see some scripting. If that script is hosted on some hosting network you’ll see something like this one

This show its been hosted.

Now copy the link which would be this:


And download the .js file.

Open that file and copy all the text from there.

Go back and see where the upper link


was placed and replace that with this:

Save the template and your java script is hosted on blogger forever.

If you think you have many scripts then you should prefer hosting your script to a file host:
see how to host a java script file.



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