adsense ads in middle of the post

This is the question many people are asking now days as this is not implemented but the blogger interface yet and we hope will rectify this problem.

How to show ads in the middle of the post or where ever you want them to appear in the text.

So this post can be how to add AdSense where ever you want it to be?

If you haven’t read it yet please read the post show AdSenseads just below the post title

So coming back to the topic as word press is very flexible in providing every kind of solution to your ads placement there are many tools like AdSense made easy etc. which place ads where ever you need them to be.

But for blogger you need to stick with the side bars. But from now on you are the kind of blogger, you can now place ads where ever you want in the post here are the instructions:

Go to blogger account



And replace this with this:

Now replace your AdSense code with the red highlighted area.

You can choose from different variety of ads like 250 X 250 or 300 X 250 or leader board or sky scraper.

Now comes this best part here

While writing a post, where ever you write

Your code will be placed there. That’s it. Can you believe it?

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