Pop up box for Facebook like

Some days ago I wrote the method on how to add a popup box(which may be used for different purposes like highlighting something, subscription box or any other thing) people also used it as a pop up like box for Facebook. I was searching for what to write on the next post so I found a very interesting thing to mention here.

My previous post is here pop up for blogger

I found a pop up box which was specifically designed for the Facebook.


  • This pop box will have a complete template like an original Facebook like box.
  • This popup box can have a timer to close automatically.
  • This popup box has a close button
  • This popup box may have a timing set by the user when to pop up. (Now this is a little tricky but it is working for some and now working for others so for the time being don’t consider it)

See live demo here


  1. Go to this page
  2. Add your user name.
  3. Add automatic close time. Default is 60 seconds which is good.
  4. Select language and template and hit Get code.
  5. You will have codes for blogger and word press both.
  6. Try it.
  7. Thanks to http://www.kakiheboh.com for helping us out.
  8. Peace.