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We have been struggling with the Facebook like box as it was not available for blogger, now it is. We can customize it in different ways so I thought to tell you how. As social media has hit the blast and we all need to have a Facebook fan page and bla bla. Get to the topic right away.

Here is the developer page of face book

You can chose from different options from like button to like box but we’ll stick to like box for the time being.

When you click the like box link it first show off like this

No height is mentioned. Now first go to your blog or website and see how much space you have on your site. 

There are three options which are quite good and grab a lot of attention first and most common is this one, normally blogs have right side bar and the best place to show is the upper 3 spaces, it may happen that you have the side bar on the left but rules are the same.

If you have 3 column website and side bars are too narrow to adopt this like box then the best place to put you like box is just below the post.

Now after you have decided where to post it you need to set the appearance

If you think you can inspire the readers by your posts the check show streams

And now hit the get code button and follow the instructions.

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