Add +Google “add to circles” widget

Ease is the essence of blogging. I have always tried to make it really really easy for everyone to access everything. Google social network has become powerful. There are two reasons for that.

1.       They have made a breakthrough revolution in the social networking by having a great scheme of social sharing i-e introducing circles and all that.

2.       The most important thing is that they are manipulating search results due to this. And this is a BIG one. You can’t even imagine how search would be about 3 years after now so start making social network through Google.

As you can see I have a widget of Google+ on my side bar saying add me on Google this makes it really handy for other people to add you with just a click.

How to add “add me on Google” button/widget:

Go to this site here

Find your Google+ profile ID which you can find when you view your profile in the URL.

Put the ID in the text box and select other options

You can choose different options like

  • Language
  • Background color
  • Font

Then press get code.

Go to blogger account


Add a gadget


Add the code and you are done.

If You like this, please add me in your circles. See the widget on the side bar and ADD me. thanks.