Publish blog posts automatically on Facebook and +Google

No need to waste your time by publishing your content to Facebook fan page and Google profile individually. Automate the process by following the guidelines.

If you are a blogger you know the value of social network these days? Everyone is focusing on social popularity as this is the only way to defeat the risk!!

The risk of depending only on Google. Or you can say only on organic search. What’s the risk? I had faced this worst situation myself. If you are getting traffic only through Google and for any reason they ban you are ruined. See the graph of one of my site that got DE indexed for some reason. 

Increasing social popularity is a very good way to minimize this risk. As you grow big you get visitors from your social profiles and fan pages. This has many big advantages too. These are not just ordinary visitors. 

1.       They are influence by you.
2.       They have subscribed to you.
3.       They are targeted to your niche.
4.       They will have more friends targeted to your niche.
5.       Word of mouth promotion is the best in the world.

I assume these 5 points are worthy enough of having a social profile. If you don’t have a fan page make it as soon as possible. I’ll try to write a guide on how to make a good fan page. 

Ok the next problem that occurs is that you need to update your profile regularly and this gets hard when you are not used to it. So there is a solution now for it.

Automatic Facebook fan page update:

To update your Facebook fan page as soon as you publish any post on your blog you need to do the following:

Like the page and go to app

When this post was published version 2.0 was in beta.

I tried it as beta. Allow this to access your account.

It will open a new page where you can add new campaigns.

Click to add new

Add your page and author of the page.

Add new source and paste your RSS feed URL here. For example my URL is this:

Select your update frequency and other things.

You’re done.

It will finally look like this:

Whenever you will post new content it will appear on your Facebook fan page.

Automatically publish content to your Google+ profile

Go to blogger account

Head over to setting and post and comments

See “share on Google” and select yes for it.

Whenever you will publish a new post it will ask you to share or not just press share and you are done.

Happy blogging.


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