Add Twitter buttons Explanation about all the buttons

Twitter follow buttons:

Yesterday I taught how to add Facebook like button to your blog or website. Today is the day of twitter. You can make it easy for your visitor to follow your tweets if you tweet regularly or if you want them to follow for any reason.  There were html codes to put in your page and then put a script to make a button.

Now twitter has made it really easy for you to put follow, send or share button where ever you want by just putting simple code.

Select which button you need.

There are 4 buttons

1.      Share: in this you just share whatever page it is to your followers. That page will be tweeted only.

2.       Follow: This but makes it easy for your visitor to follow you with just one click. No need to go to your twitter page and follow from there.

3.       Hashtag: this is a little complicated. Suppose you talk on 3 different things then you can use hashtags there. Like I blog on different topics so if I need to tweet about blogging then I will put #blogging and it will make a category so if anyone clicks on #blogging then all the tweets about blogging will appear.

4.      Mention: if visitor needs to mention you in their tweet then you can use this mention button.

Copy the HTML code and but where ever you want it to appear.

You are done.

For blogger : Add a gadget and Put that code in the HTML script.