FaceBook page like and send button script and how to

Social networking is becoming the blood in the vein for the bloggers so we need to help the visitors to like or share whatever the viewers like. You can see on my blog that I have my social profiles if anyone wants to visit or subscribe to me it makes it easy see here.

Then I felt the need for the instant like button which makes it easy for the visitor to like. They don’t have to go to the page then like it they just have to press a button and the can like the page. See here.

Now how to have a script like that.

Enter your Facebook page address. 

For example when you create a new page your page address will look like this:


Uncheck the send button.

Select the style and the width whatever you want.

Then hit “get code” button.

You’ll get the code and the instructions on how to apply that.

If you want this floating sharing button you can have it here

Floating sharing button

And if you need to have different sharing button stylesvisit here.