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The most popular drawback of blogger or BlogSpot was the 404 redirect. It was so ugly that I hated that but you know what it’s not that ugly now. Blogger has given the option to customize the 404 error page and the good thing is that the theme remains the same.

For those who don’t know what 404 error is?

All the websites have certain URL address of its pages like this website’s main page is 

http://www.bloggingtipsnow.comif you want to go to any sub page like scrolling text whose URL is this: 

So the phenomena is when you type anything wrong in this part then it should give you anything but as the world of technology grew some web developers did a good job they created a system which help the user to go to the right URL and this was implemented on the word press blogs very early but blogger didn’t adopted that.

Blogger presented a stupid image like that:

It bothered me a lot because it annoys the reader and the web owner as well. Now blogger has also given us the opportunity to have a 404 redirect page which redirects to an error page keeping your theme and also you’re customized message this is a very cool implementation and now we have more and more options to play around it.

To have this page customized you have to “try new blogger interface and go to your blog’s overview page.

Here go to settings and then search preferences and see under the head of ERRORS and REDIRECTS.

Go to Custom Page Not Found and set it to yes and write whatever you want to write up to 10000 characters and it’s a lot. 

Now enjoy that blogger redirect.

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