comments Numbering on blogspot and blogger

The best use of numbering comments on any blog is when you need to refer any comment in a reply it really helps in saving time and also looks more decent.

When there are too many replies it and you refer the comment by name then the reader have to put efforts and go out and search for the name of the commentator.

This blog hack is great or I ca say ideal for all blogger to number the blog comments. So lets get started.

First go to blogger and sign in to your account.

Go to design and edit html.

Check the box “Expand Widget Template”


Just above this paste the code below:

Again find:

Just after this paste the code below:

Save and view your blog.


  1. Hi amy, this is the most wierd case. some theme structures don't allow this script to work so it might be that your theme is not supporting. wish you best of luck.

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