Pop up for blogger/blogspot

When you visit different sites you might have observed that some have pop up box which pops up after the page is fully loaded and asks for maybe your email or offers some sort of gift. This is a plugin or a script which might be installed on the site to make this happen. But this is for self-hosted blogs or sites. So what about blogger/BlogSpot let me surprise you that this is now possible for even blogger.com I have found a great script to make it happen?

You can see the sample here of pop up for blogger

Without much ado

Go to blogger.com

Login to your account

Got to design

Go to edit html and find tab and add this code just before it

Now hit the save button and find ]]> and enter the below code just before it add the following code.

Now this is a bit tricky.

You may add whatever gadget you want like



Feed burner

Welcome note

So go and find and add this code just before it

Now replace the text your title here with whatever title you need.

Replace you code here with the code you want to insert.

And you are on.


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