Show related post in blogger

How to Show Related Posts with Thumbnails on Blogger?
Related posts are the best way to decrease the bounce rate o your website and to keep the visitor busy with other interesting posts on your website, but some widgets may not be good for your blog, their javascript can hinder the smooth crawling of your blog and you may not get the required results.

So here I have the coding for your blog to show the related posts on your blog, just follow some simple steps :

Step 1 : Got to edit HTML of your blog.

Step 2 : Paste the following code above the closing head tag

Step 3 : Now find this code in your blog

if you can’t find that code then try to find this one

Step 4 : Paste the following code after the code above said you found in your edit HTML

Related Posts Widget For Blogger with ThumbnailsBlogger Templates

you can change the number of related posts by changing the value shown below, this code is in the Step 4 Code.
var maxresults=5;

and if you want to change the title of related posts you can modify it by changing it as the code shown below, this code also exist in the Step 4 code.
var relatedpoststitle=”Related Posts”;

I hope it works for you in the way you want. For those guys who don’t know it’s importance according to SEO is that it increases the internal linking of your website to let you share the Google PR on each page. Keep commenting guys.