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Optimize your blog and your computer and feel like a professional
How to optimize blog
How to make blog search engine friendly
How to validate html
How to correct errors in the
What is html, php, doctype
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Complete guide to make, enhance, rank and monetize your blog.
From nothing to a well maintained blog, you don’t have to go anywhere else

I started this blogging thing 3 years ago, faced a lot of problems and hurdles, as you would also be.  the fact is that, no one in this cruel world will tell you the right way to success. you have to do it yourself, I also did the same, but what if I reveal them and help others. So I am going to reveal all the secrets and tricks which you need the most at this time.
As most of you are beginners.  I will assume you know nothing and will teach you from the beginning, it’s categorized in lessons so you can understand all the stuff easily. It’s helpful for all if you think you know all then read the whole guide and ask yourself again, because man is always in learning process.
All the new web masters and bloggers welcome to my site,
Blog:  According to me there is no other reason for some one to make a blog or a site other than money making, am I right? If 1 or 2 have other reasons then exceptions are everywhere.
it is a survey that 90% of the webmasters and bloggers quit in their initial 3 month struggle period, and the remaining 7% in the first two years, the rest who stand by, wins.
I want you to prepare your self for a long race, first of all motivate your self for a long time hard work, secondly be patient money making isn’t so easy, and don’t ever think that after the first month of your blog money will be growing in your backyard, even I had to wait for 1 year for my first pay check, by the way I don’t want to waste your time so let’s get started
Don’t try to over speed and don’t try to rush, read all the lessons one by one and with an order, skipping even one lesson will lead you skip half of your success.
I want to give summary of what I am going to teach you.
Read this paragraph to completely understand
I am very excited to tell you that I am not advertising any thing, I am not promoting any affiliate program and the best thing you get all the information you want for free ( I repeat completely free) you don’t have to download any e-book or to do any task.
First of all how to chose in blog and a web site, discussion about the blog and the web site, merits and demerit of both suggestion for both, then if web site is chosen, what is free web hosting and which hosting is the best, what is paid hosting and opinions, if blog, some information about blogs and blogging websites, what idea and niche should you chose,  what is niche, then how to theme your website or blog, special things included. Then the most important part how to make your website user friendly, search engine friendly and off course traffic friendly. Tips to enhance html, php or any other coding, what to do and how to do, then the turn of submissions to the search engines , a great and 100% proven way to get a hell lot of traffic, introduction to PTC sites and what is the background secret, best PTC sites included, how to increase your rank and make your site worthy enough, after all this hard work (if you do it as directed) expect money growing in your back yard but still slow at the beginning and the end note to how to make your site ever green.
Now here are the lessons.

Lesson 1: blog
Lesson 2: Idea/ niche
Lesson 3: Theme
Lesson 4: enhancing (the most important step)
Lesson 5: submissions
Lesson 6: best way free advertisements
Lesson 7: PTC sites
Lesson 8: Ranking
Lesson 9: At the end (zero cost formula)


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