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Hey guys what’s up,

It’s been a long time. My apologies for what that one I was a little busy in constructing new website and doing some search engine optimization stuff but I really missed you all.

So now, I am back and will remain consistent, and I thank you all for being so much loving and caring. It was really amazing for me that 40% of the people kept coming back again and again to see whether there is a new thing to learn or not. I love you guys, so coming to the point, as my apology gift I am going to give some cool stuff to you today.

Please read the end of this article to know the gift.

Let me recap what this blog is all about and what were the major and popular posts of all times.

So the most popular post like always was the

Scrolling text post in which I have told some basics of the scrolling.

I also offered some FREE SEO tools which are worth a million, you might want to look at them and try:

Meta tags generator had been very useful through out the year many people emailed and thanks me for this one. You’re welcome 🙂

Note: for those who don’t know what meta tags are. Meta tags help spiders and crawlers to get an idea what your web site is all about. Though there are stories that google crawlers don’t give importance to that but in reality they do. Add meta tags to your HTML code and get indexed really fast.

Spider view or keyword density checker; I would say this is huge. According to leading SEO experts you should have keyword density near 2 to 3% in your post and article and these tools are awesome to find what the google and all other search engines are actually displayed. I love these tools and you’ll love them too.

No no. wait and give them a try first, open keyword density checker and do a search for your site and see is your main keyword in the list or not.

Other then that you’ll like

Speed test, if your load time here is more than 1 second you should do something.
Broken link checker
Link popularity checker
Indexed pages checker, check how many of your pages are originally indexed by major search engines.

These were some SEO tools I recommend you to use, by the way there are many others you might like to visit please see the sidebars for more.

Ok so how does my links open in a new window? Are you wondering? There is nothing to wonder click on the link and know the code.
There are some other great posts like
How to show tooltips
How to hide navbar
Show random quote of the day

Now here is the gift I am going to give you.

I will analyse 5 viewers’ websites or blogs and will tell you how it can be improved or how to rank it better, this is no BS I will gradually do that and show you live what happened and what was told to you to do.
All you have to do is comment here and tell why blogging is important. This is cool and interactive nothing for my benefit, I asked this question to know what people think about blogging.
Cheers guys see ya soon. (click on the title of the post to post comments.)


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