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I heard a lot of bloggers discussing about entrecard dropping problems, if you don’t drop your don’t get them, and your ad value will decrease gradually, if you dont know what entrecard is search for it.
By the way i will explain a little:

entrecard is a society where you go to different blogs through entrecard and drop cards (there is a drop button you just press it) so that’s how you gain points, in return you get reputation and visits and some physical rewards, by the way i would say it really is an interesting thing for bloggers, i would recommend it and if you dont have an account then come on and make on now

so now come to the point what you can do here, it normally takes more then 100 minutes to get 350 credit points, people who are used to it know this very well.

I am going to tell you a very coooool method get points in a couple of minutes but before this I want to request that if you find this free service good then please paste this to your blog or site please.

and of course if you want to be in those sites which get visitors through us please add a link and comment or PM so i can add you.



We wanted to make this entrecard generator as easy for everyone so as regular as possible, we will try to keep track of all the sites that are in our drop batches to make sure all links and sites are working properly.

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now i come to the point

1. login to your entrecard account.
2. close all other pages you have opened (just kidding, no need to do this)
3. click the below table’s counting from 1 to onwards.
4. every time you click any number there it will open ten sites, just drop cards and boom.
5. just earn 350 points daily and enjoy.

click one by one it will open ten sites each.

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