add show all posts tag to your blog

there are different types of visitors, some want single post per page and some want all posts at a single page to reader all the stuff easily, as our visitors are most respected to us, so why not give them this convenience.

 1. go to ‘edit html’.

2. check on expand widget template.

3. Find this Code:

4. Replace that code with the below code.

5. Save your template.
6. Then Copy and paste below code where you want to show your link. I showed it in my navigation menu bar and also in my sidebar under the monthly archive. Just Check it Out.

Show all post »»
Change name and number with your blogger name and a number you want to show post per page.

enjoy blogging.


  1. Ok, so just to be clear, this will put all of the posts on one page? In a list form on the landing page? Does this affect seo at all? IT seems like a great organizational idea but I just want to make sure it won't undo all the work I've done. THanks

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