add scrolling text in HTML and mouse hover stop/ mouseover

Adding simple scrolling text:
code to add a scrolling text.

The output will be like:
your text here

If you want some more attraction,then try these,
Add a background color to the text:

Example 2:
your text here

Pausing the text when mouse is over the text: for reader’s convenience, when the reader hover the mouse over the text, text will stop scrolling
Here is the code to do this

your text here

(place the mouse over the text to test it)

Adding hyperlinks:
You can also add the hyperlinks in text.
Here is the sample code:

The output will look like this:
Remove Navbar # blogging-tips-tools.blogspot.comAdding simple scrolling text:

java scroller with recent updates plus recent posts
click here to get code


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  2. Wow, these are some pretty cool text features! Does the scrolling text still get indexed in seo? Because it seems like it would be a good idea to place keywords in the scrolling lines for emphasis, but if they don't get crawled it wouldn't make sense. Thanks

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