place footnote for explanation

A Footnote is an explanatory note at the bottom of the page in a book which refers to a point in the text using a symbol like an asterisk or a number. When reading the page if you come upon such a symbol your gaze is automatically diverted to the foot of the page for the detailed explanation.

In the New Blogger every post is actually an independant page by default. You can also put Footnotes in your post using HTML1 tags.

Have a look at the number ‘1‘ following the word ‘HTML’ in the previous line. It is placed above the line using the superscript tag like this :


Type the above code in Edit Html tab of Post Editor when creating your post and you will get the letters enclosed ( in this case – the number ‘1’ ) above your line.

When the reader comes across such a superscript when reading a book he automatically looks at the bottom of the page for details on ‘HTML’. In a web page this is done by converting ‘1’ into an anchor link2 pointing to the foot of the page. To do this we use this code :


Now the number is converted into a link. The full code is :


The Last step is to provide a target for the link so that when the viewer clicks on ‘1’ the page rolls down immediately to the Footnote at the bottom. At the bottom of your post type


Check this out by clicking on ‘1’ at the top and the page will roll down immediately to the explanation at the bottom.

1. HTML : Hypertext Markup Language.

2. Anchor Link : A link which jumps directly to a specific point on a page, instead of letting the user scroll around to find what he/she is looking for.