make money through blogs – reality about money making

Make money by blogging – truth or lie

In this article I will answer the following questions
Can I make money through blogging?

What are different ways of earning?

Which is the best way to earn?

In my blogging carrier this is the most asked question?

Can I make money through blogging?

I am writing this article to answer this specific question

My answer to that question is “yes, if you are a passionate blogger” and “definitely no, if you blog just to earn money”

What’s the difference between my both statements?

I said yes because there are many bloggers who are really earning handsome amount of money.

No, because there are a hell lots of bloggers who are not.
Don’t get confused. I will explain everything.
Thousands of people are entering blogging world daily, with the aim to earn a lot of money.
But handful of them get successful, the only reason according to me is impatience.
They make blog and expect 1000$ bucks in their bank account the second day.
There are 3 major phases of blogging
1. Make reputation
2. Make loyal visitors
3. Earn money
Now, how can you earn money?
There are different ways of earning; I will discuss most prominent ways
Affiliate program
Selling your own products

Pasting ads at your website or blog and when any visitor clicks on those ads your get a minor amount is the whole process. Your can do this as a beginner but this is limited, very limited. A good traffic blog can earn as good as 10 bucks daily, this is the amount if you have at least 400 visitors a day, can you depend on this earning, can you pay your children’s fee (just kidding). What I mean to say is this can be a pocket money but you can’t depend on it.

Affiliate programs:
Every third website is promoting any affiliate program, so you can consider its importance, by the way I am definitely not promoting any affiliate program here, there are different types of affiliate programs, some programs give you monthly commission some give you lumsum amount. Biggest affiliate program provider is clickbank, but you can search for affiliate programs, you can have as many as you want.

sell your own products:
Most dependable and reliable method to earn is to sell your own products; most of you would be thinking ‘we don’t have any products’ yes you have. I will give example of tennis blog, if your blog has reached 400 visitors a day then you have made reputation as well as loyal visitors, what next to do is to earn, make any soft product like e-book, DVD, CD and offer your visitor, It can be a tutorial, it may be information or even any informative thing that a visitor would want, this is the best thing you can have, take a risk and try and see results
Ultimately at the end most people quit blogging in their early 6 month period, try to keep blogging more than this period you will automatically learn thousands of ways to earn, just keep blogging.